beginners handstands

Handstand strength and conditioning workout.

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***All exercises should be performed with good technique in mind, slow controlled reps are much better than mindlessly banging out reps, slow it down and concentrate on the muscles you are using***

Make sure to warm up before the workout (Link to warm up)
Pike walkout, 3 sets 3-5 reps
  • Start in the Pike Position Show, up on toes head through the arms, ears to the biceps as best you can.

  • Walk out on your hands into push up position and back to the pike.

  •  If this is OK, try putting the feet on a box or chair and repeat the same exercise.

  • To progress even further, we'll try the wall walk, again push the head through the arms and reach away from the ground in handstand position.

  • Do not arch the back in the push ups position or in the wall walks, if you are arching it is too difficult for you and you will put too much pressure on your back!

Rest 2 minutes before Handstands
handstand Kickups & Balance,
10-20 minutes practice
Before starting handstand training, you need to have good shoulder mobility, message me on whats app to see your range, we may need to work on mobility before getting into the kickups!
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  • If you are a complete beginner, it might be tough to start going upside down.

  • The beginners kick up is where you need to start your handstand journey.

  • Forget about kicking up to the wall for now.

  • Get comfortable with these single leg kick ups, make sure and work both legs. 

  • When kicking up, try reach away from the ground and push your head between your arms(ears by biceps)

  • Don't let your shoulder move in towards the wall!

  • Once these are OK,

  • Then try the kick up and switch legs variation.

  • Once these are getting more comfortable, try kicking a bit harder up towards the wall and eventually to the wall, this may take weeks, don't give up, you can do this!.

Kick up & Hold
  • Once you can kick up to the wall, you need to master this  before moving on.

  • Kick up, come down, kick up, come down until you can kick up pretty much every time.

  • Now we can kick up, We have a few more bits to learn.

  • Hand placement, shoulder width apart or a little wider.

  • Index fingers pointing forward and spread your finger's out for more control.

  • Now we can Kick up to the wall and hold, this will build up stamina in the handstand position.

  • If you can hold for 3 sets of 30 seconds you can move on to trying to balance.

balance at wall
  • Now for the fun part! Balancing.

  • Once up at wall, now we need to use the finger tips to bring the heals of the feet away from the wall.

  1. ​Reach away from the ground.

  2. Look in between your thumbs through your eyebrows.

  3. Squeeze butt and tighten core to hold the hollow body position as much as possible.

  4. Squeeze legs together and point toes.

  • Now squeeze on the fingertips keeping points 1-4 locked in.

  • As soon as your heals leave the wall, release the pressure on the fingertips, and the heals drop back to the wall.

  • Repeat his process and try not put so much pressure on that you fall down to the floor.

  • As this becomes easy, next step is to balance

  • So we put some pressure on the finger tips, when the heals leave the wall you leave the pressure off, before the heals touch the wall again put some pressure on the fingertips again, repeat this process to balance in the handstand.

  • Balancing in a handstand is not 'balancing' it is the constantly readjustment you need to make to not fall over.

Rest 2 minutes before the frogstands
Check out my Instagram Post that explains the 'balance' in the handstand (Link to Instagram post)
frogstand, 10 mins practice
  1. Start in a deep squat position.

  2. Inside of thighs resting on top on the elbows.

  3. Hands Shoulder width apart.

  4. Index finger pointing forward and finger spread out.

  5. Forearm should stay perpendicular to the floor.

  • Lean forward using a box, some books, cushion or towel to assist at first and take away the fear of falling forward.

  • Once you lean forward squeeze on the fingertips to try balance or bring you back to the starting squat position.

  • You can also leave one leg back, toes touching the floor to help balance at first.

  • Keep practicing until you feel confident you can remove the assistance of the cushioning, box books etc.

  • If you can hold 20-30 seconds for 3 sets, its time to move onto the advanced frogstand

  • Same set up as the frog, this time you put your knees on the back of your triceps.

Rest 2 minutes before the Kick Through
  • Once you have mastered the frogstand and can hold it comfortably, its time to learn the headstand.

  • Progression 1, get into the frog close to the wall, tuck the chin so you land on the top of your head on the floor, use a towel or cushion at first.

  • Be sure you make a big triangle with your head and your hands, this allows for easier balance when we get upside down.

  • Hold this position for 3 set of 10-20+ seconds to build up neck strength, when comfortable with this move to Progression 2.

  • Progression 2, start the same as progression 1, when in the hold raise the knees onto your triceps.

  • Hold this position for 3 sets of 20+seconds again to further build neck strength, when comfortable with this move to the headstand.

  • Headstand, from progression 2 we need to take the knees off the triceps being knees together and slowly open up into the headstand position.

  • This takes time and practice, make sure to stay by the wall in case you fall forward !

  • Controlling the balance as you raise up is important, as the knees come up you need to move your butt towards the wall ever so slightly, as the knees come up higher the butt needs to come back away from the wall again ever so slightly so you don't fall forward.

  • Do not arch the back, the top position is the hollow hold  from shoulders to feet, see Headstand tips below

kick through, 3 sets 3-8 reps
  • Make sure you have 2 solid chairs, proper parallettes would be ideal.

  • Beginners kick through, take it slow with this, just try hold the position first, then try a little little swing through with knees bent.

  • Get comfortable with this, move on when you got 3 sets of 8

  • Kick through, start from a pushup position,  lift the feet up, swing through and extend the feet out as seen in the video.

  • Pull the feet back in and tuck tight, lean the shoulders forward and use the momentum  to swing back.

  • As you swing back try get the butt up high then extend the legs out into the pushup position.

  • Once you get 3 sets of 8 reps move onto the lsit version.

  • Lsit kick through, same as the kick through, except you don't tough your feet down in front.

  • kick out into the lsit and back to the starting position.

Rest 2 minutes before the circuit
circuit, 3 rounds