Beginners Humanflag

Beginner Human flag workout, this does not mean its for beginners, you'll need to be at an Intermediate level to start this training, so a few years training background or at least a year doing calisthenics workouts.

Beginners Humanflag.PNG
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***All exercises should be performed with good technique in mind, slow controlled reps are much better than mindlessly banging out reps, slow it down and concentrate on the muscles you are using***
  • Over hand grip on the bar(pullup grip)

  • Keep the arm straight(locked out) and shrug your shoulder like you are starting to do a pullup.

  • Bottom hand externally rotated and fingers pointing down to the ground.

  • Keep arm locked out and reach/push away from the wall.

  • Pulling with the top arm, pushing with the bottom arm, tighten up the core and lift the lower body with the obliques(core muscles at the side of the body)

  • Start with the Tuck when you can hold 3 sets of 20 seconds each side, move to the next progression, again build to 3 sets of 20 seconds before moving on

1. tuck
2. one leg
45 Deg Tuck.jpg
45 Deg 1 Leg.jpg
  • Tuck knees hold knees up to about 90 to the body.

  • Heals in tight to butt.

  • The higher you bring up eh knees the easier the hold.

  • From the tuck position.

  • Straighten out the bottom leg and hold.

  • you can increase the difficulty by extending the top leg towards the knee..

Tree 45.jpg
1. 45° Flag
45 Deg Flag.jpg

  • When you can hold 3 x 20 seconds here (same as the picture).

  • Move the top hand closer to the wall, this increases the difficulty and you should be able to hold up higher than 45 degrees.

  • When you can hold the top hand above the bottom, you will be close to the real human flag.

  • You don't have to have a perfect setup to practice.

  • Use your imagination.

  • A tree works pretty well too.

Rest 2 mins before next exercise
  • Start with the pike pushups position.

  • Palms flat on the floor.

  • Butt high in the air and bring your hands as close as you can to the feet, keeping your legs straight.

  • Push the head and shoulders through the arms so your ears are by your biceps.

  • Keep the arms straight/locked out.

  • Reaching/pushing away from the floor.

  • Relax the shoulder and drop your head down creating a bit of space between bicep and your ears.

  • Push back up again to the start position while keep those shoulder locked out.

  • Perform 3 sets of 15 before moving on to the next progression.

  • When you get to the handstand version, do not arch the back, hold your hollow hold position throughout.

  • work towards getting as close to the wall as possible.

Rest 2 mins before next exercise
  • Start hanging off a bar, hands close together.

  • Let go with one hand for  1 to 2 seconds and get back to 2 hands hanging again, now let go with the opposite hand and hang for 1 to 2 seconds.

  • Repeat this for 30 seconds and work up to 60 seconds.

  • As you progress and can hold for 60 seconds.

  • Start holding the one arm hangs for 5 seconds each hand.

  • Add 5 seconds as you progress, 5, 10,15, etc until you can hang 30+ seconds on one hand and 30+ on the other.

Rest 2 mins before core triset
  • Hollow Body Flutters,  20-30 seconds:

  • Keep lower back on the floor throughout.

  • Extend arm and tr keep them as low as possible.

  • keep legs straight and keep the flutters steady, don't go too fast.

  • Leg Side Raises,  8-10 each side:

  • Set up as in the video..

  • raise legs as hag as you can and control the lowering.

  • Keep hips stacked over each other.

  • Do not bend at the hips.

  • Reverse shoulder plank , 10-12 reps:

  • Set up as in the video..

  • Externally roll your shoulders into the floor to lift your back off the ground, at the same squeeze your butt to raise your body up into the back bridge.

  • Squeeze for a milliseconds the the top before lowering in control to the start position.

  • Do not use the elbows.

Make sure to do your stretches when finished (Link to stretches)