home core workout


  1. Floor Wipers knees bent  10 Reps

  2. Leg Raises                             10 Reps

  3. Plank Knee to Elbow          16 Reps

  4. Bicycle twists                        16 Reps

  5. Plank Up & Down                 10 Reps 

  6. Leg Flutters                           20 Seconds

  7. Plank                                        30 Seconds  

  • Rest 30-60 seconds between exercises, start with 60 second and work up to 30 break between exercise.

  • Rest 2 minutes after the circuit is complete and repeat the circuit 3/4 times, 3 times initially and work up to the 4th circuit

  • Try to do the workout 2/3 times a week for a few weeks. If you like it get in contact with me and we can work on a new program.

  • Take a look at the Videos in My Channel for demonstrations of each exercise. 

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