Personal Training

Personal Training is the best option for

1, Beginners who want a customized training plan, one-on-one instruction and nutritional guidance.

2. Intermediate gym goers who want to keep working on building strength and working towards calisthencis goals like handstands levers and flags etc

3. Advanced gym goers, who want all of the above or just want to focus on the calisthencis skills, like Humanflag dragon flags, levers panche, L-sit to handstand etc.

I can provide specific training for the goals of your choice.

4. Obstacle personal training also available, for people looking to take part in OCR, Tough Mudder/Spartan or any obstacle course races.

Also for advanced racers looking to train specific grip training and specifically designed courses.

​I will build you a tailored program based on your body stats and personal goals, then take you through each 1 hour session.  All your data will be tracked and re-assessed as you progress through your training.

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Single Session Prices

  • Initial assessment      €40

  • 60 min PT Session     €40

  • 60 min Obstacle PT   €40

  • PT for 2 people           €60

PT Price Packages


Personal training      4 x 1 hr sessions

(1 person).............................€145


Personal training      8 x 1 hr sessions


(2 people).............................€270


**More Packages available on request** 

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