warm up

To stay safe and get the most out of your workout you must always include a pre-workout warm-up before you begin.

Fully body Warm up Part 1

Warm up Part 2

Wrist Prep (before and after workout)

  • Calisthenic workouts are tough on the wrists.

  • For that reason you should warm up and stretch the wrists before and after each workout.

  • Follow the prep in this video for healthy wrists and forearms.

  • Keep your elbows locked out as much as you can, at first this will be tough, as you gain more mobility in the wrists this will get easier.

Handstand Prep (before handstands practice)

  • Before handstand practice we need to open up the shoulders (as well as the wrists!)

  • To do this is it good to stretch out the opposing muscles with the table top stretch.

  • This then free up us to open up more at the shoulder with the overhead stretch.

  • With the overhead stretch, try not arch the back and focus on pushing the shoulders into the ground.

  • You can rock in and out of the holds, deep breaths as your stretching.

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