Full Body workout

Full Body calisthenics strength  and conditioning workout.

workout 2
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***All exercises should be performed with good technique in mind, slow controlled reps are much better than mindlessly banging out reps, slow it down and concentrate on the muscles you are using***

Make sure to warm up before each workout (Link to warm up)
a: Pull ups, 3 set 8-10 reps
  • Perform 3 sets of 8-10 reps of the pull ups before moving onto the next exercise.

  • If you can perform 3 sets of 10 reps at one variation, we need to move onto the next level.

  • If you have no pull up bar and bands, try the door pull ups.

  • Make sure to secure the door with cardboard underneath and hang a towel over the top.

  • If you cannot perform the full pull up on the door, try the negative variation.

  • Perform 3 sets of (3 x 5-10) seconds negatives.

  • If the door negatives are too difficult try the floor slide pull up variation.

  • Start with fully extended arms pull up until chin is over the bar/door, control the movement back to full hang arms fully extended, this is one rep.

2 mins rest before Dips

b: Dips, 3 set 8-10 reps
  • Perform 3 sets of 8-10 reps of the Dips before moving onto the next exercise.

  • If you can perform 3 sets of 10 reps at one variation, we need to move onto the next level.

  • If you have no Dip bars, see if you can use the chairs, you may need 2 people to sit on the chairs so they don't fall over!

  • If these dips are too difficult, perform the single chair dips.

  • The straight leg version is more difficult.

  • If you bend your knees to 90° this makes it easier.

  • Start with arms fully extended, lower until your shoulders come below your elbow, then return to the start position.

  • Your shoulders should come forward and your elbows back like in the demonstrations.

  • Avoid flaring the elbows out to the sides and dropping the shoulders straight down!

2 mins rest before Super Set

C: Super set, 3 Rounds
c1. Pike Pushups, 8-10 reps
  • Set up in the pike position shown in the video.

  • Arms fully extended, ears by your biceps, hands shoulder width apart.

  • Lower down keeping your elbows by your side, go as far as you can and push back out to the start position.

  • When you can perform 10 good controlled reps, move on to the next progression.

  • If you can't keep your legs straight that's fine, you just have tight hamstrings, spend extra time stretching these at the end of the workout.

  • Do not let your elbows flare out to the side.

  • For the floor and elevated Pikes, bring head forward and elbows back making a big triangle with head and hands at the bottom of the rep.

  • Perform 8-10 reps and then go straight into the Split  squats without a rest.

c2. Bul split squats, 8-10 reps each leg

90 seconds rest, and repeat the super set

  • Set up as shown, back foot up on a chair, use pillow or cushion if needed.

  • Lower down as far as you can while keeping the chest up and, try not bend forward at the hips.

  • Push back up to the starting position.

  • Do not have the standing leg too close to the chair, get about 1 meter away from the chair.

  • Do not use your hands on you thighs to help with the rep.

  • Perform 8-10 reps on your weaker leg first then 8-10 rep on your stronger leg.

  • Rest 90 seconds before starting the second round.

D: tri set, 3 Rounds
d1. Rows, 10 reps
  • I have a few options if you don't have a set of Rings at home.

  • Bed sheet Rows: knot one end of the bed sheet and place over the door, close the door towards you so the door wont open during exercise.

  • Towel Banister Rows: are more convenient if you have a stairs, fold towel a few times and hook it over the banister.

  • To perform the rep, start with arms fully extended, pull up keeping the arms by your sides and pull hands into your chest, slowly resist and lower to the start position, this is one rep.

  • To make the rows easier take a step back, to make them more difficult take a step forward.

  • Make it difficult enough so you can just get the 10-15 reps.

  • When finished the set, take little to no rest and start the push ups

d2. push ups, 10 reps
  • Plenty options for push ups if you can't do full push ups yet.

  • Hands elevated push ups: use a counter top or windowsill, standing close to the elevated surface makes the push up easier, move the feet away to make it more difficult.

  • Knee Push ups:  when these elevated ones become easy

  • To perform the push up have shoulders above the hands, squeeze the glutes and tighten the core/abs

  • Lower slowly until the shoulder come below the elbow or try get your chest onto the floor. push back up until arms are fully extended.

  • Keep elbows in close to your sides.

  • Do not flare the elbows out to the sides

  • Do not arch the back, if you start arching, drop to an easier variation.

  • When finished the set, take little to no rest and start the  I Holds

d3. cuban rotations, 10 reps
  • Set up as in the video, 90 degrees angle at the elbow and underarm.

  • Keep the elbows and shoulder back without arching the back.

  • Rotate forward and down slowly, go down as far as you can without dropping the elbows or rounding the shoulder forward.

  • Return to the top start position.

  • Squeeze the brush handle as tight as you can and really concentrate on the muscles at the back of the shoulders.

  • When finished the 3 exercises rest 90 seconds before the next round of exercises.

  • Perform the 3 sets before moving to the last circuit

90 seconds rest, and repeat tri set

E: Circuit, 3 Rounds
  • Knee/Lsit Holds  20-30 seconds hold

  • Keep shoulders back and down and head/neck up

  • start with knees at 90, if thats ok straighten one leg to increase difficulty of the hold. (alternate legs)

  • Next level is full lsit, both legs straight.

  • T-Side Plank Holds 15-20 seconds each side

  • Keep elbow/hand under the shoulder.

  • Engage core and keep a straight line from heal to shoulder.

  • Advance to feet on box/chair and then to feet on wall.

  • Single Leg Glute Bridge  8-10 reps each leg

  • keep lower back pressed into the floor before starting and hold this positing through the movement.

  • Concentrate on squeezing the working glute on each rep.

  • Overhead Squat with band brush handle  10 reps

  • Squat down as slow as you can, hold arms straight and keep wrists over or behind the shoulders throughout the rep.

  • If you cannot, move the hands out wider, the closer your hands are the more difficult it is.

  • Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat the circuit

Make sure to do your stretches when finished (Link to stretches)
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